Council debate over public speaking time

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Council debate over public speaking time
Kapiti's mayor says restricting public speaking time will make council meetings shorter and more relevant, but critics say it limits freedom of speech, and will leave voters feeling disenfranchised. Mayor Ross Church suggested at the last council …
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Speaking Out Against Vote's Date, a Thai Citizen (and Election Panel Member)
Speaking Out Against Vote's Date, a Thai Citizen (and Election Panel Member). By THOMAS FULLER JAN. 22, 2014. Inside. Antigovernment protesters at a demonstration in Bangkok on Wednesday. A state of emergency was declared in the city Tuesday.
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Stan Collymore quits Twitter after speaking out against 'horrific' online abuse
Appearing as a guest on BBC1′s Breakfast programme, the ex-footballer said yesterday: 'I am seeing gangs of kids from ten to 18 goaded by adults to make racist, homophobic and sexist insults on Twitter. 'I have been on it for six years now and it's a …
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