Should you buy old and used Louis Vuitton bags?

Louis Vuitton is such an established brand that bags or purses from this brand are on wish list of everyone but another truth is that many people are not able to afford it due to their high price tag. One of ways for many people who always wanted to have these bags or purses were to buy used Louis Vuitton bags. Though sometimes you can get a very good deal or the product is in almost new condition; however most of times it is not true. People used to flock sites like eBay and many other portal and look for potential sellers of used Louis Vuitton handbags. Most of times, defects or problems doesn’t get reflected in pictures which are present in the site. Though may call yourself a great person to catch fallacies but even the perfect person can’t make about true condition of a product just by looking at its picture.

The main reason why people loved buying used Louis Vuitton purses was because they could buy it at a fraction of price of original product. Many times who people who have deep pockets often get bored by using one product for too long and to replace them with a new one; they look for easy ways and selling used Louis Vuitton bags is one of those ways. But now there are ways through which you can buy original bags or purses and even at far cheaper price of than what you have to pay for used Louis Vuitton handbags. Many online sites are selling new designer bags, shoes, pursues, and lot more fashion accessories at more than 50 percent discount. But even when you buying used Louis Vuitton purses or thinking to buy them from those sites you need to be careful as in high end fashion market you can be easily duped. If you are not aware of ways to differentiate genuine used Louis Vuitton bags or even new ones, any can one can slip a cheap and fake replica.

When you are getting new bags or purses then there is no reason that one should go for used Louis Vuitton handbags. But same principles apply when spotting fake products from genuine new or used Louis Vuitton purses. First of all, whichever product you are talking about: be it bag, purse or anything at site of Vuitton you are going to find its detailed description as well as specification. Another thing to check is lining of the material along with specific and unique color combinations used in original bags or purses. You have to look to minutest details possible and only then you can spot fake bags or purses easily.

Many sites online sales used Louis Vuitton bags as well as new ones. As Vuitton bags are among most recognizable bags and purses throughout world thus mostly people prefer to have this brand. Another thing to check when you are either buying new or used Louis Vuitton handbags is monograms. Original and genuine bags or any Vuitton products will have monograms and the placing of these monograms is also very specific. So one can easily know if that seller is selling a fake one or genuine Louis Vuitton bags and purses.

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