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For those travelling to Vietnam this year weather a first time visitor or a regular tourist to South East Asia there are some exciting changes happening in Vietnam. Vietnam is rapidly developing its highways in both the north and the south but the real opportunity for those taking a beach extension is that you can now travel to Phu Quoc Island without a Visa. This seems incredible for a country such as Vietnam but from January 2014 you will not need a visa to arrive and enjoy the wonderful island of Phu Quoc making holidays in Vietnam that little bit easier. You are also allowed to transit at any Vietnamese airport on the way to Phu Quoc without a visa. This makes a holiday to the region even more exciting as you can now combine the temples of Angkor with a few days on the golden sands of Phu Quoc. What makes this even more remarkable is that the island is actually closer to Cambodia than to Vietnam. This gives many more options for a holiday in Cambodia with a beach extension in Vietnam as whereas before you would need to cross the border from Cambodia to Vietnam and then take a 3 hour boat ride back to Phu Quoc. There is now the opportunity to cross from Cambodia directly to Phu Quoc and stay there Visa free for up to 30 days. On a clear day you can in fact easily see Phu Quoc from the Cambodian coast so chartering a boat to make the short crossing would be a great way to explore the area.

The island has lots to offer and has grown tremendously since it was used as a prison during the Vietnam War. There is now a variety of luxurious accommodation from which you can choose from. One of the favourites has to be Chenla resort which is now the Chen Sea Resort and Spa. The resort is absolutely fabulous with attention to those finer details that really make a difference. The resort is about 15 minutes from the main strip but certainly those after relaxation when on their holiday in Vietnam wouldn’t need to venture out very often. With Verandas on the beach and bungalows with private pools this is indeed absolute luxury. Alternatively La Veranda Resort is also one hotel that offers luxury accommodation with a French colonial feel.

When on the island when not getting a massage, relaxing by the pool or strolling on the beach it is a great idea to head to town to experience the local life. The best time of day would be just before dinner then you can see the night food market. Try the fresh seafood on offer has a meal at one stand or just walk around trying little snacks from each vendor. For those who want to get more of a feel for the local cuisine there are also cooking classes available on the island. You will first head to the local market to pick and learn about the local ingredients before preparing your local lunch! The relaxation of the Visa rules will certainly boast tourism to the islands and open up the options for great holidays in Vietnam and the surrounding region.

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