Symptoms of Autism: Are You Being Able to Identify Them?

As much as it is difficult to accept- autism, can even affect your own child and if it does then there’s really no reason to cringe or brood. Proper treatment can help to minimize the effect of disease in kids thereby aiding him to sustain himself and grow at the same time. It is true that the disease cannot be identified easily in children. However, it’s better if it’s identified within the first 18 months. The earlier the treatment starts the better its impact is on the patient.

In order to ensure that you’re able to identify Symptoms of Autism in your child, you have to learn about these symptoms first. There are instances where parents often dismiss obvious symptoms as casual defects in their children which they think can be healed with time. But in reality, these might be the symptoms of the disease itself. So don’t commit the mistake of regarding serious signs as random discrepancies. Some of the Autism Symptoms are given below:


Autism is a serious form of neuro-developmental disorder, whereby the victim (i.e. the child) has problems in communication, speech, socialization etc. It can be traced in symptoms like the ones mentioned below:

  • The child might randomly echo whatever he/she had said without really comprehending it
  • There is a serious lack of communication by means of gesturing pointing and babbling in the child even when he is 12 months old
  • The kid is not able to carry on a conversation or else start it
  • The child is facing problems in social communication though he has good vocabulary
  • The child has problems in thinking flexibly
  • The child is not looking in to your eyes while he is asking for something
  • He is unable to utter meaningful phrases even when he is 2 years old
  • The kid is too self-absorbed- preferring solitary games rather than indulging in interactive activities with others
  • The child does not even turn his head when you call out his name
  • The child does not utter a single word even when he is 16 months old.

Now, the effect of autism might vary vastly with children ranging from mild impairments to graver symptoms. Additionally, there are different opinions among physicians regarding curability. The exact cause of autism is still shrouded in mystery and doctors are not sure as to what the best treatment is. However, everyone agrees on one point and that is- early and intensive treatment does help. So make sure, as you’re monitoring you child’s growth closely, you’re quick to notice discrepancies (as those mentioned above) and are reporting the same to the doctor. Children who exhibit early signs of autism can be treated to lead a more desirable life.

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