Autism Spectrum Disorder: How to Identify and Treat it?

Autism Spectrum Disorder primarily affects the cognitive abilities of the victim that are strongly reflected in his/her developmental skills. As a result, the individual finds it difficult to communicate or socialize normally. It gets a bit difficult to identify the disease or disorder as no two patients can have the exactly same symptoms. The intensity of the impact of the disorder can vary with patients. Though there is no absolute care for this disease, proper care can help the patient to cope with the disease to a large extent. Some of them might even start behaving fairly “normally” after a certain point of time, while there are others who would have to depend on other’s care for their whole lives. There are varying strategies that are adopted to treat autistic kids owing the differences in the severity of the impact of the disease.

In order to seek the aid of proper treatment for the disease, one needs to identify symptoms of the disease first.

The most evident signs of autism can be traced in the child’s inability to communicate and socialize like the way most of us do. Since Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is primarily a mental disorder, the child is unable to think and express his emotions properly as well as edit his comments. Their inability to connect verbally like the way we do, might often lead many of us to consider autistic children as uncaring and unfeeling. But it’s actually not so. These children are capable of harboring the same emotions as we do with the only difference that them being unable to express it. Other common speech and behavioral problems can be identified in the following:

  • Repetition of words or sentences without understanding them
  • Unable to form meaningful phrases by the time the child is one and a half to two years old
  • No sign of, even, babbling, when the kid is more than one year old etc
  • Not looking at you when you’re calling out his name
  • Not making an eye-contact with you while you’re speaking to him
  • Not interacting with other kids through games and other activities but primarily restricted to self-imposed solitary games


As already mentioned above, there are different ways to treat children affected with autism in varying degrees. There are different therapies or training programs which can be regarded as the perfect Autism Medicine for these kids.

Behavioral training programs, Speech therapies, specialized therapies and proper medicines can all help. The autism medicines are mostly used when the child is especially troubled by OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorders), insomnia depression, etc. The specialized therapies include speech, occupational and physical therapies to treat your child. Auditory integration training is also conducted at times.

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