Cerebral Palsy: Some Facets Explored

Cerebral Palsy refers to a group of disorders that affects the nervous system of the patient thereby affecting his power to think, move or imagine. It mainly results due to some injury suffered before, after or during birth affecting kids most commonly. There is no absolute cure for these diseases and besides impacting your power of imagination and thinking; it can also affect your hearing and seeing considerably. Though there is no common cure for this disease, there are some physical exercises that can aid your child to cope with the disease better. You would come to learn about them as you go further through the post. However, it should be noted that there are some grievous misconceptions surrounding this disease that one should be aware of. What are they? Let’s find out:

Kids Affected with Cerebral Palsy Would Never Walk

The disease generally has direct impact on the kid’s muscle control owing to which he might find it challenging to learn walking or walk with a steady gait in future. However, there are patients who walk in such a fashion that as an observer you won’t even realize that their walk is impaired. The patients are mostly required to eventually take the help of a wheelchair to move around but there’s really no reason to give up hope. Early intervention (i.e. treatment) can actually help your child becoming independent movers.

These Patients are Mentally Disabled

It’s true that the disease has direct impact on your child’s motor and muscular developments- noticeable in varying degrees in different patients. There are kids who have to deal with lifelong cognitive disabilities as the disease can damage parts of the brain that control your speech and thinking. However, there are patients who suffer little or no cognitive disabilities and are actually very bright.

The Affected Can Never Speak Again

Once again it’s not true. The brain injury, no doubt, affects your control over your mouth or tongue, owing to which some people find it difficult to speak at all or do it in a labored fashion. However, it does not mean that every one affected with this disorder “cannot” speak.

How to Treat It

It’s very important to remember that a good deal of physical activity can actually help your child to cope with the disease in a better fashion than when he’s totally divorced from any form of physical exercise. In fact, studies have proven that those who remain idle with this condition have greater chances of being affected severely. Plus, there is the additional danger of developing conditions like fragility, growth problems, obesity etc. Proper cardio and resistance training along with some aerobic exercises can all help these children. Thus if you think your kid is afflicted by spastic cerebral palsy make sure you’re adopting the right approach to deal with it rather than brooding.

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