Learning about Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is one of the most common developmental disabilities in the United States of America. Cases of Down syndrome are not rare in India as well. Children, affected with this disease have small eyes, small ears, round head, flat facial features, mildly upturned nose etc. They generally need more time than other kids to develop the very basic skills that we are blessed with from our infancy. Breast feeding, walking, rolling over, and dressing etc- everything takes more time than usual. A Down Syndrome Child might also be born with heightened vulnerability to illness, mild heart defects, sleep apnea and hearing and speech related issues.

Other symptoms include:


  • Slanting eyes pointing upwards
  • Protruding tongue that appears too large for the mouth
  • Muscles generally that do not have tones
  • Generally wide eyes

Scientifically speaking, the disease is generally marked by the build-up of an additional genetic substance on the 21st chromosome. Trisomy 21 is the most common problem in chromosome replication whereby the new cell receives three copies of chromosome 21 instead of two. The physicians have not really been able to zero in on a reason why this happens but it has been noticed that the kids with Down Syndrome are primarily born to mothers within the age bracket of 35 years. It has been estimated that a 45 year old woman has 1/30 chance of bearing a child being affected the disease, while a mother who is around 35 years of age has 1/365 chances of having Down Syndrome kids while mothers of around 25 years of age have 1/3000 chance of giving birth to children afflicted with this disease.

Those of you all, interested to learn about Down Syndrome, should also know that there is a correlation between this disease and cerebral palsy.

Treatment- What You Should Know and Why You Should Not Lose Patience

If your child is suffering from the disease make sure that you are not losing patience, thereby giving up on his/her treatment completely. Make sure that you are getting with a medical team that offers occupational therapy, physical therapy as well as speech therapy etc. But as already mentioned above, please remember that you need to be patient with your child when it comes to treatment. You can take heart from the fact that most of the parents out there, who have kids suffering from this disease, say that, given a chance, they will not like to change even a thing about their kid as they absolutely love the idea of bringing up a unique child as theirs.

Thus, keep educating yourself more about the symptoms, complications and causes and cure of Down Syndrome and help your child to cope with the demands and challenges of a “normal life”.

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