Disability Services Are Meant for a Growing Section of Australian Citizens

Disability refers to limited mental or physical dexterity. A large percentage of Australian population is now suffering from disability of varied forms and degrees. People who suffer from some sort of disability also suffer from a feeling of isolation, which is the worse part of it. Disability services offered by Australian community service providers are designed to provide support to those who are disabled and incapacitated in some manner or other in a comprehensive manner. These service providers do not just identify and provide medical support services for physical disability, but also provide support at the emotional level to the disabled citizens. The personal care services that these community based providers offer have been much appreciated by all corners.


How many Australian citizens are disabled now?


It is a matter of pain and nationwide concern that the disabled population is growing by leaps and bounds. The Australian Bureau of Statistics conducted a survey in 2003 which revealed some facts that called for attention from all corners of the society. According to 2003 survey report, there were 3.9 million disabled people in the country, which means 20% of the Australian population was suffering from some form of disability a decade back. Only 2.6 million citizens were aged less than 65 years (which implies that 85% of the population was beyond the 65 years benchmark). 1.2 million Australians needed help with mobility or self-care at some point of time in their life. It has been evidently found that aged people often suffer from severe disabilities, which calls for comprehensive disability services and elder care. Exactly this is what many community service providers are doing out there (both at non-profit and for-profit level) and their continued efforts deserve a special mention in this regard.


Disability care services at a glance


Even the for-profit providers of disability support services have been doing a tremendous job and they are also investing wisely in training and infrastructure development. These service providers now offer a really wide array of disability solutions that include but are not limited to the following.

•             Income support to the retired or disabled citizens

•             Rehabilitation and vocational assessment

•             Respite services

•             Complete medical support (home-based and emergency transfer available)

•             Making or receiving payments on behalf of the disabled (pensioner assistance etc)

Most Australian service providers that cater to the citizens with disability make it a point to work closely with concerned families and friends of the disabled people. In doing so, they follow a collaborative model and eventually become able to provide personal care and support their clients precisely look for.


How to choose a service provider?


If you are on a lookout for a disability care service provider in your area for someone in your family, you need to first assess your requirements. Do you need home care or hospital care? Is the person you are concerned about aged above 65 or below? What service frequency you expect from a provider? Do you need 24/7 support services? These are just few questions you should ask yourself before you contact disability services providers in your area.

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