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While old age is often said to be the second childhood, many elderlies do not prefer to be treated in such a manner. It is almost like feeling misunderstood and being treated in a way that is uncalled for. Devising proper means of old age care are basic requisites and sadly is often neglected. To give the best of senior home care services is a challenge most experts feel. Just as no one size fits all, similarly no second senior citizen is alike. Appropriate personal care services constitute the basics and aged masses feel the need for it more than toddlers, teenagers or even middle aged people.


Caregivers for senior people must be passionate to the elderly and understand that their mental state largely governs their physical health. Senior home care services which are worthy of being appreciated coming from qualified professionals are those who know how to give the best care to the elderly during the process of ageing. These professional caregivers are trained to make the senior feel comfortable and loved in one’s own house or sometimes when the in home units serve as residences where the seniors are, perfect ambience is the chief criterion of the program set for them. If the senior identifies with the care services the program is considered effective. But in cases where the environment poses stressful for the elderly the entire program fails. These can occur when stress is built on the part of the caregivers, not attending to the exact needs of the older person and at the proper time, absence of emotions while administering care services or even when companionship is missing from nurses or the concerned authorities. Since the individual becomes highly dependent on the caregiver these flaws often hinder the effectiveness of the services.


Most care assistants look into the basic personal care services of any senior member. This constitutes feeding, bathing, dressing, grooming, shaving and other toiletry needs. If the assistant feels that the nutritional requirements of the elderly requires suitable modifications, nutritionists or dietician’s help may be resorted to. In addition to these basic care services, other errands, light housekeeping and not to miss out the medication reminders also surface under the duties of caretakers providing senior home care services.


The main purpose of devising suitable senior home care services  and in particular being wary of their personal needs is that old age must be treated in a way that no elderly feels uncared for or abandoned. All the complications that arise in old age are not necessarily physically as it has a lot to do with the mental state. The right facilities provided does determine substantially the emotional well being of the individual. Only the reliable and skilled caregivers can give the best answers to the problems that the senior is facing. Old age is often coupled with a disability, or severe mental depression and trauma. In short, any service that acts as behavioral support to the elderly reap fruits. To make the most of it one can either avail in home service units or caring inside home premises is by far the best.

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