I can’t believe how unimaginative some people are. Yes, that …

Comment on PBS Space Documentary – Origins: Where Are The Aliens by Jaime Flor.

I can’t believe how unimaginative some people are. Yes, that biologist is
correct, but how does he know for sure, that life didn’t come to Earth from
elsewhere. This ancestor that shares the same type of face as ours, 2 eyes,
2 ears, a nose, and a mouth, could have come from somewhere else. Like 1 of
the comments before mine reads “we are the aliens,” just like the movie
Prometheus. Is that not a possibility? Also, why does life elsewhere have
to follow Earth’s rules? Perhaps life is more adaptive that we think it is.
Until we find life elsewhere, or life elsewhere finds us, I think we should
be open to the unexpected. Outer space is so vast, and the Milky Way is the
only galaxy, and we could be living in a multiverse reality. Do the rules
on Earth, or in the Milky Way, have to apply in other planets, galaxies,
universes, or alternate realities? I say not necessarily. I know I’m
blurring the line between Science, & Sci-fi, but those lines have always
crossed paths. 

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