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Associate Decor Limited (ADL) is one of the leading players in the Indian wood panel products market. A joint venture between Associate Group and Kings Wood resulted in the formation of this pioneering conglomerate- ADL. Today, ADL is at the forefront of manufacturing particleboards and laminates. Spawning from their obsession with pioneering innovations in wooden panel products is a range quite unlike, what you have ever seen.


Products Par Excellence


Associate Pre-Laminated Particleboards are the best engineered ones in the country, available in several variants and made using state-of-the-art international production technology. Perfect consistency, great designs and seamless customer-service & delivery are hallmarks of our pre-laminated boards offering. Associate Laminates includes over 450 premium varieties to choose from, spread across innovative European designs, textures, colours and finishes, selected by a team of interior design experts and trend forecasters. Our high-quality laminates are available in 1mm, 0.8mm, 0.6mm thickness and Post Forming series. Fire-retardant and waterproof variants are available especially for kitchens, hotels, cinema halls and more.




A breakthrough in durable particleboard innovations – THE SUPER EXTERIOR GRADE.


The particleboard market has always had a huge demand for a more durable variant. This Super Exterior Grade is great synergy between form and function. While this variant is available in a multitude of designs and textures it brings along with it immense durability. When compared to Indian standards of PPB grade I, this board will demonstrate:

  • 25% more MOR value
  • 2x internal bond strength
  • Much higher surface soundness
  • No thickness swelling of more than 4% even after 24 hr exposure to water
  • Cost efficiency: Rs. 75/- sq.ft.


This board passes the Australian HMR grade specifications, which are much more demanding and stringent than the other international standards. The Super Exterior Grade range of particleboards is ideal for use in humid conditions. These high-strength boards are ideal for applications in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor furnitures.


To sum it up the ASSOCIATE – SUPER EXTERIOR GRADE is truely more value for less money proposition that certainly surpasses its expectations!


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