Pet Owners Manage Time and Money Using The New Pet Kept Secrets

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) January 27, 2014

Most families have at least one member on four legs. Just like all family members, pets have necessities they require for a long and happy life. Pets need love and affection, but more importantly they require training, food, water, healthcare and other things that consume both time and money. Pet Kept Secrets will be adding new features and expanded functionality to the site. The new Pet Kept Secrets has a pet services search where users can find, compare and review pet businesses of all types. On the new Pet Kept Secrets pet business search, find pet products and services offered by businesses in any area. Pet Kept Secrets makes it easy to find and contact pet-related businesses so users can compare prices, inventory and location; allowing them to know they have found exactly what they need at the cheapest price and most convenient location. The new pet business search on Pet Kept Secrets allows users to find veterinarians, breeders, trainers, adoption centers, retail and supply stores, day cares, boarding, sitters, waste removal, pet-friendly hotels, dog parks, photographers and any other type of business that centers around pets.

The new Pet Kept Secrets has many other features to help users save time and money and also enrich the lives that they and their pets share together. On Pet Kept Secrets, users can find friends and connect with similar pets and people to spend a day at the park with. They can also post any topics, questions or concerns about their pets for professionals and experienced pet-owners to view and comment on. Pet Kept Secrets also allows users to post lost and found pet information to the website to help return all lost pets to their homes. Users can also view training videos for assistance in the trying task of training a new pet.

Pet Kept Secrets is the largest pet-related social network that offers the most features to cover everything a pet owner would ever need. So be sure to check it out as soon as possible. Membership is free and is a great way to stay connected and up-to-date on all the news in the animal kingdom!

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