Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Who is the Most Affordable Telco of Them All?

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 28, 2014

The Mirror would not hesitate to answer: “You, TracFone, were the most affordable of them all.” But RingPlus is now the most affordable and functional of them all. Starting February 10th, 2014, RingPlus is offering a zero cost cellphone service with 120 minutes, 50 SMS, and 10 MB of data per month, and paid plans starting at just $ 1.99. No VoIP, no special apps, no catch.

Like in the fairy tale, RingPlus hopes it does not end up being poisoned by an apple, as it is the envy of all other telcos in the United States. Generating its revenue over its patented Ringback Tone Platform, RingPlus has been subsidizing all of its phone plans down to zero cost to members. RingPlus is rolling out its most aggressive promotion ever starting February 10th, 2014 from 10:00AM until 12 Noon PST. Since launching in August 2013, the RingPlus Free and paid plans promotions have attracted thousands of members as soon as they are opened attracting 1,000 new members in as little as 6 minutes in the last promotion. Any additional minutes, SMS, or MB of data will be charged at RingPlus industry leading rates of 2 cents. And like always, this 2014 Free Plans minute, SMS, and data allotment will increase over the current year as more members join. One can expect this sweet deal to get even sweeter.

RingPlus just competes at another level, a standard set by the Facebooks and Googles of the world, leaving behind the old business models to endeavor new ones, and to seek out new business models and boldly go where no telco has gone before. The mission statement reflects RingPlus core values and its management approach, where the team is hands-on and listens closely to its members.

We do social networking right; everyone on staff answers questions online and over the phone, myself included. We know that making a product viral is not a promotion trick. Making a service like this viral requires steady improvements and continuous integration on the inherent strength in the product itself, in its design, quality, and the way it benefits a member, says Karl Seelig, founder and CEO of RingPlus. Whether in our own Discourse forum or in any other online space, we always identify ourselves and help members wherever possible.

The numbers speak for Karls vision: 0 to 45,000 new members within a week during RingPlus beta test back in 2009 with zero budget for advertisement. And now, RingPlus has grown at an even quicker rate, gaining 1,000 new members in just 6 minutes in its last promotion.

But it doesn’t stop there for this tech telco. RingPlus is a true leader in innovative technologies, giving consumers added value far beyond a typical carrier. By leveraging the nationwide Sprint voice network to route calls, RingPlus avoids the connection issues, crackly audio, and dropped calls that plague todays VoIP cellular phone plans. RingPlus is reinventing the modern telecom by tightly integrating it with the web and the cloud. In-Call Apps like Recall and the RingPlus Cloud Translator, that can translate in real-time during a call – all without requiring any downloads make our In-Call Apps accessible to feature and smartphone alike. Along with included service like voicemail-to-email, RingPlus also offers a fully documented API that gives unparalleled access to memberes account information and services. The first independently developed app for RingPlus was released on Google Play in December 2013 and a vibrant developer community is beginning to grow.

Were incredibly excited about members using the RingPlus API and the In-Call Apps, said Evan McGee, CTO. Weve built RingPlus from the ground-up to be as developer friendly as possible – something wed be excited to use! Youll continue to see even more innovations rolling out of the RingPlus Engineering garage. Were constantly working to build amazing features and services that will make folks excited to be a part of RingPlus.” With a combination of unique pricing, customer service, and unparalleled technologies, RingPlus is leading the charge into the future of telecom.

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