The Worlds First Quip Thesaurus with Literally Billions of Quips is Released

Houston (PRWEB) January 29, 2014

Caleb Spalding Atwood helps writers and speakers improve their communication by using quips in The Worlds First Quip Thesaurus with Literally Billions of Quips. Atwoods innovative thesaurus explains how writers, teachers, trainers and public speakers can enliven their commentary and communicate more successfully by embracing quips.

It may sound preposterous, but the book literally provides billions of quips, Atwood said. Instead of merely listing good quips, the book gives readers the tools to build billions of quips that will enhance and enliven either their written or spoken messages.

The Worlds First Quip Thesaurus with Literally Billions of Quips casts aside jokes, which only seek to generate laughs, for clever quips that employ humor while powerfully expressing opinions, such as:

Bribe: Political perk

Charles Ponzi: Federal Reserve role model

Gun Laws: Protection for gangsters and governments

Peace: Calm before the norm

Socialism: Fair and equitable distribution of poverty

Progressive: Dyed in the bull liberal

In the course of a 50-year career in labor relations, Atwood collected and created hundreds of quips and used them to strengthen, brighten and enliven his teaching, training, public speaking and negotiating skills. After retiring, Atwood wrote the book in order to share his ever-expanding and helpful list, as well as the tools to create billons of quips, with others.

The Worlds First Quip Thesaurus with Literally Billions of Quips

By Caleb Spalding Atwood

ISBN (e-book): 978-1-49181-741-4

ISBN (softcover): 978-1-49181-742-1

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and AuthorHouse.

About the author

Caleb Atwood has co-authored two books and numerous articles about labor relations and The Quality of Management in America that reported startling results from research he and a colleague conducted with 19,347 employees working for 97 companies. During his 50-year career, Atwood has trained thousands of supervisors and managers for corporations, industry associations and educational institutions including his alma mater, the University of Michigan, and the University of Houston, where he was an adjunct faculty member.

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