How can I drink energy drinks and not break out?

Question by Tyler T: How can I drink energy drinks and not break out?
I love energy drinks. I love to have one at least one per day. I also drink a lot of water. Probably more than a gallon a day. Everytime I have a energy drink I break out terrible after wards. I went 3 months without an energy drink and my acne didn’t clear up, so I thought they weren’t the problem, but now evertime I have one my acne gets worse. I don’t have many good things I enjoy and energy drinks are something I love. Is there anything I can do to be able to drink energy drinks without breaking out?

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Answer by Tristan
Unfortunately, depending on your age, energy drinks may not be the sole cause of spot breakouts, but they probably aren’t doing anything to help either. And drinking water is great for the skin, but you’re still going to get spots if you counteract it with sugary energy drinks; it would be like me drinking 5 pints of water and thinking I could get away with eating 5 chocolate bars – it doesn’t work that way.

However, washing your face daily with hot water and one type or the other of spot cream, and then rinsing it off with cold water can help and will keep oil levels down in your pores. If you don’t want to wash daily, but only twice or three times a week, get some facial wipes and wipe your face whenever it feels oily. But don’t overuse them: dry skin can be just as bad as oily skin.

Keep that up for at least a month or two and see if your spots don’t start disappearing.

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  • January 29, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    Just lessen your intake of energy drink everyday.

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