Free International Calls Are Now a Reality with Tailor-made VoIP Services


You must have heard the term ‘VoIP’ and have developed some vague idea about what it is and how it works. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a unique way to make cheap and even free international calls as well as cheap local calls. How exactly VoIP works and how can you implement this telecommunication methodology for making ISD calls at unbelievably cheap rates? It is a relatively new technology now being used by leading white-label VoIP service providers. These providers have the right infrastructure and necessary tie-ups with other leading telecom companies. They make the full use of internet telephony to facilitate their subscribers to enjoy the cheapest international phone call rates. If you do not know how this VoIP can be instrumental in reducing local or ISD call rates, read on to find the basics of implementation.


PC to PC international calls – Understanding the limitations


If you are not looking for a VoIP service that can be implemented on your mobile phone and you are okay with making PC to PC calls, you need the following prerequisites.

•             A computer/laptop for both users (you and the other one)

•             A fast broadband connection

•             Microphone/headset/speaker (one for each PC)

•             Individual registered accounts with VoIP PC to PC calling service providers

Please note that you and the other user need to sit at your personal computers to make voice calls over internet protocol. This requires time agreement and further understanding from both ends. You cannot just log on to your account and start making calls. Call quality may also differ from that of mobile phones and landline phones. This service is limited in scope and nature.


Enjoy more flexibility and cheapest rates by implementing VoIP on your mobile phone


Phone to phone VoIP calling is certainly more flexible and this method works just like making phone calls using your mobile phone. There are companies that can help you enjoy free international calls without buying prepaid ISD calling cards or buying tailor-made postpaid plans. Here below are the basic requisites for making phone-to-phone VoIP calls.

•             A computer or laptop with an internet connection

•             A mobile handset

•             A subscriber account with the service provider

Once you have registered with a VoIP calling service provider, you can start enjoying cheap international phone calls rates. There are myriad other benefits of phone-to-phone VoIP calling that are described here below.

Benefits of using VoIP calling services

•             You can use your mobile phone to make international calls at reduced international phone call rates

•             You can call any number and not the other person has to be subscribed to a VoIP service provider

•             You can make unlimited ISD calls to both mobile phones and landline numbers (check out your ISD call plan for more details)

•             You do not need a speaker or headset

•             You do not need to sit at a desktop computer (or laptop)

•             Call quality is exceptionally better than PC to PC international calls

•             Call dropping cases are minimal

To enjoy free international calls or to find the best provider, just look up the web.

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