What Kinds Of Calories Are Good For Your Health?

A common confusion is whether calories and fat are complementary? Proper amount of calories are needed for good health, but the question is whether they lead to weight gain. An appreciable way to lose weight is to take healthy foods with enough calories, but too much calories may not prove healthy for your body.


Well, calorie containing foods can serve a dual purpose for your body. They may enhance your weight and may also reduce it. What is needed is a correct selection of calorific foods. If you are already of normal weight or overweight, then you must go for low weight calorie foods. On the other hand, if you are interested in gaining weight or are underweight or malnourished, then you should certainly prefer weight gaining healthy calorie foods.


Excess calorie intake may be detrimental to your health. So, if you are already consuming this and have gained unnecessary weight, then it is time to make a change in your diet. Start eating foods that have right calorie content, but leads to sharp weight loss.


A huge proportion of high calories are present in junk foods, and they appear really tasty. You should definitely cut back on those unhealthy calories. Your metabolism is often unable to burn these calories. Greasy fried foods, French fries, crispy chicken, spicy appetizers are some such snacks that hardly contain any nutritional value. They are high in calories and fats, but lack the essential proteins, which your body demands.


Even though such foods trigger your taste buds and enhance your appetite, they are unhealthy, especially if you live a sedentary lifestyle. It is agreeable that such mouth watering foods are difficult to avoid, but it is your responsibility to quit them for the sake of your health. It is not necessary to completely abandon them at once, because it may be hard for you. As a way out, you can consume them in much smaller portions, and may be once or twice a week. A little portion of such foods will not prove to be adverse for you.


If you really feel hungry and are looking for some healthy foods, then better go for some popcorn. The dairy products, like fruit yogurt, low fat cheese, butter milk, etc are commendable healthy supplements, as well as are low in harmful calories.

You can also include some low fat meats, which are both healthy and full of essential calories. They will never make you overweight. If you have no choice, but to consume high calorie foods, then better take them in smaller proportions. However, if you are forced to eat such foods as part of your meals then ensure that your diet also includes healthy low calorie foods. Thus, it is vital for you to balance your diet.


Staying healthy depends a lot on how you plan your diet. Depending on your weight, you can decide whether to have high protein-low calorie foods or high protein-high calorie foods. You should never substitute healthy foods with high calorie fast foods, especially if you are trying to lose weight.


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