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Mod for ArmA 2 has gained extremely plenty popularity among many players, which was a big no small surprise even to its creators. No wonder, the famous Czech manufacturer of computer games, which is bohemia Interactive undertook to release the full version of the game which is its continuation. Recently DayZ, because that’s the name of this game is available on Steam. should however select is is just the alpha version, and will be it is available in the final version probably in 2015. It will is a first ( FPS ) multiplayer game multiplayer system. The story contains parts survival, shooters as well as the horror ( it takes place in a world dominated by bloodthirsty zombies through ). The creators made ??it possible for players to access the diverse types or needed in-game items, such as food, cars or clothing, which can help you survive in the form of difficult conditions, and at the same time they make the gameplay more interesting . However hard to collect equipment, so as well it is advisable download dayz cheats. Certainly should everything gradually acquire, because starting from scratch. Provides additional excitement fact that that death in the game also means Let everything totally from the beginning. An additional possibility is will connect to each player in the group, which enables better defense against attackers in the game, or to get the necessary food, etc. As for the details of the same plot best to convince yourself of the just playing the game, which is as well as chance, and players may merely contribute to its development.

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