What is Countryside Recreation?

Question by fire f: What is Countryside Recreation?
Can someone help with this, thankyou

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Answer by shitstainz

A country park is an area designated for people to visit and enjoy recreation in a countryside environment.

In the United Kingdom the term has a special meaning. There are about 250 recognised Country Parks in England and Wales. Most Country Parks were designated in the 1970s, under the Countryside Act 1968 with the support of the former Countryside Commission. In more recent times there has been no specific financial support for country parks directly, and fewer have been designated. Most are managed by local authorities, although other organisations and private individuals can also run them. There is nothing to stop anyone opening a site and calling it a Country Park, although they might not receive recognition from the Countryside Agency. Indeed there are quite a few such parks in existence, some of which are very far from what one might normally expect a country park to be.

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