Which one to buy – Oakley Black Iridium or Oakley Frogskins LX?

One of the problems with Oakley is its popularity worldwide. This has given rise to counterfeit products that are passed on in the name of this legendary sunglasses brand. For those that are new to the world of Oakley it is very easy to get fooled by these counterfeit models. But if you do the right things before you buy your Oakley Black Iridium or Oakley Frogskins LX then there is no way anyone can fool you. And doing the right thing just means finding out the right information. The most authentic and popular Oakley forum is there to help you in this regard.


Oakley Black Iridium and Oakley Frogskins LX are sunglasses that serve very definite purposes and the purposes are completely different.


Black Iridium belongs to the Iridium range of sunglasses from Oakley and this means that the lens has reflective coating. Black iridium has the darkest tint of lenses among all Oakley sunglasses. The purpose of Oakley Black Iridium is very clear. It is perfect for keeping light glares away. For someone that has trouble going out in the sun the Black Iridium is the perfect pair to buy.


Oakley Frogskins LX, on the other hand is made for those that are looking for extreme performance and comfort. This model of sunglasses has the three-point fit that ensures that the lenses are positioned in the precise optical alignment. It has a completely modern look too. Iridium lens coating is possible on the Frogskins LX and thus, it can also be worn by those that tend to spend a lot of time under the sun.


The best way to buy Oakley sunglasses is to visit a store. Here is where you get to see all the models and put them on. The problem with Oakley sunglasses is that you don’t know which one to buy and which one not to buy. When you try on the different models and see yourself in the mirror you know the model that fits your face cut and shape. And then there is the issue with counterfeits that you need to be extremely cautious about. Hence, before you visit a sunglasses store to buy your Oakley it is best to have the right information.


The lovers of Oakley have created this forum where you find everything about Oakley. You will get specific information on Black Iridium and Frogskins LX and will know which one to buy. You will also get to see many photos of Oakley owners and this will give you an idea about the shape of these sunglasses and how they look on different faces. Most importantly you will get to know about the most authentic stores to pick your Black Iridium or Frogskins LX from. And there is plenty more to read about in this forum. Once you become a member you can also make your own contributions to the forum threads.


Spend time on getting to know about Oakley Black Iridium and Oakley Frogskins LX on this forum. This will help your purchase decision.

Find out the right information about Oakley Black Iridium and Oakley Frogskins LX so that you know which model to buy. The Oakley forum tells you all about both these models.

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