Animal Valentines: 5 of Nature's Best Flirters

Animal Valentines: 5 of Nature's Best Flirters
For some lovebirds in the animal kingdom, every day is Valentine's Day. But how do mates win each other over? A little flirting can go a long way … and frankly, it's a heck of a bonding agent with a long-term partner, too. See if some of these amorous …
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Documents show PETA killed nearly 2000 shelter animals in 2013
Animal rights group PETA may go to extreme lengths to save animals from the slaughterhouse but the Virginia-based organization's animal shelter killed nearly 2,000 stray cats and dogs at its shelter in 2013. The Center for Consumer Freedom released its …
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Boy who smacks puppy in video charged with animal cruelty
A 13-year-old Louisiana boy faces animal cruelty charges after posting a video allegedly showing him slapping a puppy. In the video, the boy hits the puppy so hard that it yelps, spins around and falls off a bench. Laughter is heard in the background …
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Napier's Animal Sanctuary: 300 rescued, county inspections showed no "issues"
Manatee County, Florida- After Manatee County Sheriff's deputies found a shallow grave with the remains of eight dogs, they suspect there could be more animals buried in the yard at Napier's Log Cabin Horse and Animals Sanctuary off State Road 64.
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