Love the technology, but notice something? technology is just renewing itself …

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love the technology, but notice something?
technology is just renewing itself now, when was the last time you really heard of new technology?
i mean ok were getting better pictures on TV but, the TV has been out nearly a hundred years or so now, no new technology just revamped, and 50 years ago we said we’ll be flying around in spaceships by 2000, but we still haven’t come up with 3D imaging properly yet, which will end up being another revamped piece of technology probably PC before TV.
but notice as everyday we all become more and more dependent of technology, we risk ourselves everyday more and more. over 60,000 computer hackers and viruses infect computers all over the world, our computers are subjected to hackers over 50 times a night, unprotected computers are found easily searching ISP’s,which have all our system information (including our security settings) and when found an easy enter BOOM they’re in and destroying your computer, but just because your computer has a firewall doesn’t mean they can still break in. well the point here is, back in 1983 was the very first and only computer virus, so in 50 years they will probably be 100 times more viruses and hackers, and the plan is they want to network cities, homes, self-driving cars and robots all together to make life a lot easier, thats a great thing to have, but, one simple virus in that system could bring the entire city crashing down, crashing cars, rogue robots, house destructions, whatever is run by computers can be turned against you, and maybe hackers in those days will decide against hacking us like that, but would make it a lot easier to destroy a country. wars with that type of technology would be extremely bad,my opinion on this is i have this saying “the first world war was fought in the trenches, the second world war was fought in the skies, i don’t know how the third world war will be fought, but the fourth world war will be fought with bats and clubs”
and this is the reality of life as we know it, if we become too dependant on future technology.

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