Biology question help please on fitness?

Question by tanah: Biology question help please on fitness?
explain what exactly fitness is. then describe how you can measure it. then explain why its not all about survival.

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Answer by DEE
individuals within populations who produce more offsprings are said to be more ‘fit’. Their traits and characteristics are more desirable not just in terms of better at survival, but also at sexual reproduction, i.e. peacocks need to look attractive etc.

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  • February 8, 2014 at 7:46 am

    Fitness- how successful an individual is at passing on its genes or creating offspring

    Fitness can be measured by how many offspring the individual can successfully produce.

    Since fitness is defined by the number of successful offspring one produces, the survival of the individual does not factor in. To further explain this point I will offer an example:
    If there are two birds, one living for 10 years but only producing 2 successful offspring, and the other only living for 3 years but producing 3 successful offspring, the second bird would be more fit. Although the first bird was able to survive for a much longer time, the second bird was able to produce more viable offspring, making it more fit.

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