Soccer is only broadcasted on TV when the americans play …

Comment on Q&A: Short term soccer fans? by convey#15.

soccer is only broadcasted on TV when the americans play or when the local MLS team plays. if people want americans to become more supportive of soccer on scale close to or equal to the NFL, MLB, NBA, even the NHL, and college sports (football and basketball) they need to broadcast more games particularly the european league games. occasionally i’ll find a Manchester United or Chelesea game on but never Arsenal or Juventes. “short term soccer fans” are only exposed to soccer when it is pretty much the only thing on during the WC and they need to be exposed to more soccer even if it means going to local high school or college games to learn how amazing this sport is. I’m a die hard soccer fan and always will be b/c i respect the game and love it with a passion only shared with non-short term soccer fans.


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