Why Vintage Clothing Ain’t as Good as it Used to Be!

Back in Time with Vintage T-shirts

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Are you one of those people that never throw anything away? If you are then you may be one of the smart ones. There is a new market that has emerged here of late and that market is demanding to have vintage clothing. Actually more to the point they want vintage T-shirts. This is something that has started to boom in recent years as the old style of clothing is starting to make a major come back for the youth of this country. So that means that all of the people in the world that have saved all those old clothes and successfully fought their mothers from throwing them in the donation box may be sitting on a gold mine. Who would have ever thought that some of the horrible things that we used to wear would ever come back into style. It may seem like a nightmare to some but it is a dream come true for many.

The dealers of vintage T-shirts are having a ball with this market. They know that there is a lot of stuff out there that can be sold and that there is even more people that want it. The demand for these items has tripled in the past six months making them one of the most sought after clothing items in the market today. The problem is that there is not a lot of places where one can find such items to resell. In the very beginning of the boom there was more than enough of these vintage T-shirts laying around resale shops the world over, but since the surge there is a shortage as most of the shops now know the value and they are taking advantage of the boom like the rest of the population.

If you are lucky enough to have one of these items then you have paid the price that somebody would want for it. The price range is rather high right now because the demand is so high and the supply so low. There is some hope though that you may be able to pick something like this up without having to pay too high a price. That is if you do not mind wearing something that is not technically vintage but it has all the right looks and such. This is how many of the people are getting around the supply problem and they are making the best of it. This stands to reason because not everyone can afford the price that the vintage T-shirts are commanding right now.

For most the vintage T-shirt is a dream. The most popular styles are the concert T-shirts from the seventies and eighties. The most well known bands are commanding prices of nearly one thousand dollars or more. A record was set recently when an original Rolling Stones concert T-shirt sold for almost ten thousand dollars. This is something that was bound to happen eventually but those of us who were there for these shirts when they were new are no less amazed. This is taking into consideration that some of these clothes were less than ten dollars when they were brand new.

Right now the vintage T-shirts market is very hot. If you are looking for the best deals then you need to get going. These items are flying off the shelves and people are hungry for more. If you happen to find one at a tag sale or what have you then you should certainly pick it up as it may very well be worth it’s weight in gold. This is only the beginning and you should hold on to see what the next big thing is.

Decorating with coat racks and vintage clothing

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When most people think of coat racks, they think strictly of hanging coats, hats, and scarves. But coat racks can be a lot more than just a place to keep clutter off the floor. They can also provide you with an opportunity to display your own, unique decorating tastes.

One of my favorite ways to decorate with coat racks is to display vintage clothing on them. Wall-mounted coat racks work particularly well for displaying vintage hats and bonnets. And floor-mounted coat racks are a natural for cloaks, gowns, shawls and scarves.

Don’t go cheap when using coat racks as a decorating accent. True, you can pick up a generic wall-mounted coat rack for under $10 and a floor-standing one for under $30. But if your goal is to create an eye-catching accent, don’t expect a cheap one to have the effect you want.

Bent wood, rattan, wrought iron, or brass give you the best eye appeal in a floor-standing coat rack. And look for furniture-quality solid hardwood in wall-mounted coat racks. Don’t settle for generic, dime-store coat hooks on your coat rack when you can easily combine the beauty of brass and porcelain or get the rustic strength of wrought iron.

You can find wall-mounted coat racks with rosemaling, or other styles of decorative painting. These always add to your accent, as do such features as a plate rack or decorative shelf on top that allows you to display other collectibles.

And a mirror, whether etched or plain, on your wall-mounted coat rack is always a big plus. Not only does it enhance the beauty of your accent, but it provides a much appreciated service to your guests of letting them check their appearance after coming in from outdoors.

As for finding vintage hats or clothing for your coat rack, here are some places to try.

Most larger cities have at least one vintage clothing store available. You can also find vintage clothing in many estate sales. And more and more second-hand stores gather vintage clothing donated to them into a special area.

Or you can look for reproduction vintage clothing and hats from merchants who specialize in supplying the participants of living history events with clothing and items from daily life of the eras these participants portray.

I’ve found Renaissance festivals and Civil War Reenactments to be especially rich sources of quality reproduction vintage clothing (and many other interesting items useful for decorating).Both events attract a large number or merchants who specialize in reproduction vintage clothing and other items of those times. And you can find many of these merchants on the Internet, as well.

Be aware, though, that while you can usually find a greater variety of items through these merchants in brand new condition, the prices for reproductions can be expensive because of the amount of labor involved in faithfully reproducing construction techniques from a pre-mass production era.

In looking for vintage hats to display on a wall-mounted coat rack, you can either go for a single era, or go eclectic with vintage hats from a number of eras and styles. And don’t forget the eye appeal of including one hat in your collection that drapes a ribbon down beneath. Or consider dangling a vintage umbrella or cane from one hook to create various lengths of items hung from your coat rack.

And the hats you use don’t necessarily need to be formal. Some of the most effective hats I’ve found for decorating have been the well-worn, but extremely unique, vintage hats of everyday laborers.

For a floor-standing coat rack, avoid reproduction or vintage clothing that really needs a hanger for it to look its best. Look instead for drapey items such as cloaks, gowns, shawls, and scarves. Experiment with interweaving a colorful scarf or shawl among dark and elegant formal wear.

Or try hanging a coat or gown by the shoulder instead of by the collar for a casual, asymmetrical look. Include a vintage purse. Or, depending on the effect you want to create, consider the effect that draping some vintage silk stockings or lingerie could add to the accent you create.

The options are endless when it comes to combining coat racks and vintage clothing. Just use a quality coat rack that does justice to what you display and let your imagination, and your decorating taste, be your guide in selecting items to display on it.

Collecting Vintage Jewelry

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If you want to buy or collect vintage costume jewelry, learn what to look for and where to look. There is something for everyone who is interested in collecting vintage jewelry. Great places to find vintage costume jewelry locally are estate sales, auctions and flea markets. Vintage costume jewelry reflects the trends of the old days, and the designs are more influenced by the type of clothing worn and the material used at the time.

Behind every piece of vintage jewelry, there is a story. While antique costume jewelry dates as far back as the Victorian era (1832-1901), the literature claims that “antique” vintage costume jewelry can be considered any costume jewelry that was made around 1910. Most literature we read tells us costume jewelry made around 1910 and the 1960s is now considered “vintage. Each piece of vintage costume jewelry is an investment in its own right.

Costume jewelry collecting is a hobby. Some women like to wear it and/or display it. I’m fascinated with the beauty, quality and inexpensiveness vintage costume jewelry can offer. As my own collecting tastes continue to change, my knowledge of the history of vintage costume jewelry continues to increase. I hope to add many new pieces to my own collection. We buy vintage costume jewelry for the same reasons now as when it was first made, it’s inexpensive and gorgeous. Many collectors today consider their vintage and antique costume jewelry an investment, and statistics show that it is.

If you have a collection of vintage costume jewelry, know where your interest lies. You may only want to put it on display or your pleasure is to wear the piece, the choice is yours. However, if you are only interested in collecting vintage costume jewelry for re-sale or as an investment, you’ll want to dig much deeper and do your homework before you start buying. Whether you want to wear it, collect it, display it, re-sell it, an enormous vintage costume jewelry smorgasbord awaits you.

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