Who Is Brandi Nave?

English: at dusk in Washington, D.C., USA.

Brandi Nave is one of Washington D.C.s most highly regarded “women of power”.

She is described as an attorney with outstanding values and principles. Brandi is committed to social justice,  advocacy, and philanthropic efforts – she gives time and resources back to the local community. These attributes earned Brandi the distinction of a D.C. “Dynamic Woman”.

As the managing attorney and founder of Nave & Associates, Brandi has influenced  her firms core values – a commitment to community involvement and partnerships; allowing her legal team to stay current with issues relevant to their practice and their clients needs.

Recently, Brandi Nave has spearheaded more reliable testing processes for those who have been pulled over and charged with DUI. She and her peers have shared their concerns over the manual calibration process of breathalyzers for years. Now, new laws have been passed to require more accurate methods for determining the blood alcohol content of the driver. Better testing allows attorneys like Brandi Nave to better represent  drivers who have made an unwise choice to drive after drinking alcoholic beverages.

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