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Everyone should have heard of Fiverr by now. It is a site where you can buy just about any kind of service for $5. Webmasters often use Fiverr for off-page SEO services like backlinking, social promotion (likes), and more. The only problem with Fiverr – for most webmasters – is shifting the wheat from the chaff.

Enter, a new fiverr site that specializes in SEO services. The prices range from $3 to $1000 for a wide variety of SEO and other helpful online services.

So, why would webmasters make use of SEOClerks? Simple – to save time and energy. Yes, it’s possible for an individual to create 1000 backlinks or likes over a period of time, but why not leave it to an expert who has been doing it as a specialty? Do you cut your own hair? Not likely. It’s easier and better to leave it to an expert. Same thing with most SEO services.

Here’s a few examples of SEOClerks gigs:

All of the above gigs include a guarantee, which means you can get you money back if they do not happen. Pretty sweet, eh?

And, these people are experts in what they do – which means they do over and over again to the extent that it is second nature to them. On top of that, there is no way you, as a webmaster, could do it for the amazingly low prices. Do they have secret, industry specific knowledge? You bet they do. Which is why their services are well worth it.

So, check out by visiting the following special link and get backlinks for $1. Do it now.

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