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As a programmer, I am always looking for good info sites online where I can find support and/or mor information. Recently, I was introduced to a cool new site called Exposix. It’s kinda like a combination Yahoo Answers and a forum.

On my first visit to Exposix I went to the programming section (Programming Questions). I found several interesting questions, and a few helpful answers, to questions such as “What kind of IDE (Integrated  Development Environment) are you using”? Seems the most popular is Notepad++ (I do like it, but I use Zend Studio for my projects). Many other questions and answers about wide ranging topics like PERL, general programming, databases, and much more tells me the site is starting to get popular. Once it does, watch out, it will grow virally and exponentially.

Don’t get the wrong idea. The site is more than just a programming site. I visited the category page, and there is a pretty large number of categories – ranging from Arts and Humanities, to Business and Finance, to Pets, to Video Games. I’m sure if you have a question (that you want a REAL answer to), you’ll find what you need on Exposix.

I suggest you give the site a visit.

Here’s that link again: Programming Questions

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