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Choosing an  Abilene veterinary clinic in Abilene, TX , isn’t just about finding a doctor for your dog or cat.  If you’re like most, you see your pet as a member of your family and so you want him or her to be in the best health possible and to be treated well when at the vet. This means that your search for an  Abilene veterinary clinic in Abilene, TX , should include more than just those vets that are nearby.

Abilene Veterinary Clinic is an emergency animal hospital in Abilene, TX. We handle dental services, pet boarding and spaying & neutering.  Typically the best  Abilene veterinary clinic in Abilene, TX , boils down to the staff and the care they give to your pet.

Abilene Veterinary Clinic believes that our pets are integral members of our families and that having them in our lives is an immensely rewarding and satisfying experience.  They also believe that a veterinary practice must be a good neighbor to the communities it serves.

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