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Credit Report - Before and After

Who is David Mark Bunzel? What has he done that is notable? And, why should you care?

Well, everyone at one point in time or another has issues with their credit report and score. It’s pretty much inevitable – credit bureaus can only report what they are told – whether it’s accurate or not; and the bureaus themselves are fallible. Sometimes there are issue with identity theft.

Even without the loss of a job, a household can find itself with a serious financial shortfall each month.  Regardless of the cause, the decision makers must get together and take control of the situation. Following a significant loss of income, the first reaction is to panic.  A better response is to sit down and assess the actual situation.

That’s where David Mark Bunzel comes in.

You see, David is an expert at helping people understand, deal with, and eventually fix their credit report and scores. Which, by all accounts, is the first step to fixing all financial issues. David encourages all clients to take drastic measures to correct a monthly shortfall.  Course corrections are essential to prevent long- term financial problems that require more drastic actions.

Careful planning will create a strategy that can be executed quickly.

If you are having credit or financial problems, and would like some more info or to contact David, please visit the following link: David Mark Bunzel

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