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Code Clerks is a new website and platform for people who need code as well as those trying to sell code (software code, that is).

Upon arriving at the website, you see a number of tabs at the top of the page. The tabs are labeled Code -Themes – Graphics – eBooks – and Audio, it that order. Upon further examination, it is apparent CodeClerks is but a small part of a much larger network of sites devoted to useful online tools and media.

At the bottom of the header graphic are more tabs. These tabs are labeled Browse – Members – Files – and Sell Code, in that order. Hmmm, sell code. Great if you are a developer who has put together some cool little scripts or plugins. That’s a good thing to know. Obviously, you need to sign up as a member to sell code, but that’s true of every other code or scripts site I visit.

I hover over the Browse tab, just to see what’s there. “Web” is the first category that comes up, so I click on it to see what’s being offered. A list of software offers loads. Interesting. There’s some sort of MP3 playlist for $178.99. I’m not sure how that interests me, so I keep browsing.

“Country detect and redirect” for $3. Well, that could be helpful for selling Amazon or eBay overseas. I’ll keep that one in mind. “Detect if URL is an Image” for a whole buck. That would be useful in some cases, perhaps as a function used in a plugin – I’ll keep that in mind, too. “Google +1 Website Counter” for… FREE! Well, can’t beat that price đŸ™‚

Besides “Web”, I see categories for Desktop, Enterprise, Mobile, Apps, Plugins, and Other. Out of curiosity I click on “Other” to see what that might include. I see “Traffic Exploder” for $29, “SocialClerks” Bot for $19, and “InsaneJournal Account Creator” for $15. Well, other includes a bunch of Internet Marketing software it seems. All of these seem potentially useful. I’ll have to come back and check them out in more detail.

So, how does one become a code seller? I click on “Sell Code” to get the skinny on that angle. I am asked to sign up – which I do, then I verify my email address – yay, I’m in! And, now that I’m in, I’ll have to decide which of my plugins to sell. Maybe I’ll write a new one. This could be fun!

So, while I’m filling out the rest of my profile, why don’t you take a visit to Code Clerks and try it out? Maybe you’ll become the next big software mogul. Well, at least you might earn some extra cash đŸ™‚

Just click on the following link: Clone Scripts


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