It’s a beautiful story about a man who wanted to …

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It’s a beautiful story about a man who wanted to find himself in the wild nature- but we must remember that our life is made up of a number of other important things: education, good job, marriage, raising children..I think it had to be an adventure for a while and he very wanted to live- unfortunately died, perhaps to give some testimony

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Jerrod Niemann – Drink to That All Night (Audio)
Worst video ever… Cheap… I love the songs, but WOOW, this sucks.

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I think that’s kind of a stretch. You don’t really have enough information to draw that conclusion, though it’s a possibility. Getting divorced or changing careers is really common and could be based on a lot of reasons. I wouldn’t blame someone for bailing out of medicine, though, the hours are crazy and it’s incredibly stressful.

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