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. Sichuan University – leather through the identification of major innovation project on June 7, from Sichuan University, Chengdu Di-O collagen leather high-tech Co. , Ltd.

completed a major innovation project “Preparation of modern biotechnology series leather high-specific enzyme” in Leather Floor Conference Room, Sichuan University, Sichuan Science and Technology Department by the Deputy Director Liu Xiaoheng chaired authentication meeting held. Identification (with proof) Committee from Beijing, Chongqing and other places of experts and professors of seven members: Lu Xu Yong (Professor, Senior Engineer), lactic (professor, Ph. D.

) as deputy chairman, members are Yong-Jin (Researcher), He Kaize (Fellow) , Ye Hong (Senior Engineer), Li Kaihua (senior engineer), and Dealing With the (senior engineer). After listening to the project leader Li Zhiqiang (Professor, Ph. D.

, Pro-Vice-president of Sichuan), but Weihua (Researcher, PhD) were working for a long, technical report, the appraisal committee to the questions, carefully review and lively discussion, and observation of many kind of high-specific enzyme in-kind samples. Unanimous expert opinion as follows: 1, independent research and development of the cross-linked collagen with chromium as the active carrier of affinity chromatography, and used it for the first time the two kinds of leather used enzyme (166 neutral protease and AS1. 398 neutral protease) Purification and components identified and developed on this basis without collagenase enzyme hair removal – hair removal enzyme safety of new products, is an international initiative for the implementation of enzymatic hair removal process, to eradicate the further pollution of sulfide laid a solid foundation.

2, independently developed a kind of relaxation activity of acid orange markers of collagen collagen as substrate hydrolysis activity analysis.

The method is convenient, fast, sensitive, innovative. 3, using genetic engineering methods on acid protease gene, molecular modification, prepared chrome soft enzyme EC.

The product is an international initiative. The application results show that the product can improve the quality of leather and improve softness of leather, leather and then raise the rate too. 4, independent research and development of enzyme complex liming auxiliaries EA and cold soft enzyme EB-1, its complementary components of efficiency, an international initiative.

Enzyme complex liming auxiliaries EA has significantly increased milk of lime suspension, can be fully separated and loose collagen fibers, reduce or eliminate the bad parts as well as the advantages of the rate increase was leather. 5, innovative design a variety of harmless inorganic compound composed of the system efficiency of enzyme additives. The subject of efficiency in the development of a successful series of leather on the basis of specific enzymes, combined with genetic engineering, enzyme engineering technology, developed with advanced technology and advanced manufacturing technology leather combination, constructed of leather cleaning process model proposed set of enzyme-based bio-tanning technology, with the significance of sustainable development of leather.

Application on the subject developed a series of exclusive leather and efficient enzyme, is expected to replace toxic and hazardous chemicals, substantially reduce the tannery pollution; can improve product quality, improve the rate was leather. The series is expected to change the face of leather production, access to major economic and social benefits. Products which have been put on the market by many enterprise applications, has made significant economic and social benefits.

The scientific and technological achievements to the international advanced level, the core technology has reached the international advanced level. Proposed series of special high-specific enzyme industrialization as soon as possible, in order to promote industrial upgrading, and industry to make greater contributions to scientific and technological progress. .

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