What exactly is a communications major and what kind of job can you get with it?

Question by armedflamedragon: What exactly is a communications major and what kind of job can you get with it?
I hear people talk about majoring in communications at colleges all the time, and i just don’t know what exactly it is they study? Is it like social media and interacting with fans/clients? I am thinking about different college majors and I heard that for communications you “communicat”(lol obviously) but that its a course focused on getting your company/group exposure and that your job would be like interactions with the fans/clients. Because I am in a band(like with me and my friends), and several clubs and stuff, and I always find myself offering and enjoying making like the facebook, twitter, tumblr, and websites for my clubs and stuff, and interacting with the fans/supporters of our band/club. Would communications be a good major for me? PLEASE I WANT SERIOUS ANSWERS, NO BASHING OR INSULTS. IF YOU THINK COMMUNICATIONS IS A BAD MAJOR THEN STATE YOUR OPINION AND FACTS, DON’T JUST SAY CAUSE ITS B.S. I WANT ACTUAL ANSWERS PLEASE.

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Answer by Lisa Spins
I think Comm is an excellent major. it is not for social media, and just because you have a twitter and make a tumblr doesnt qualify you to become a comm major or even classify yourself as “liking it” you have no idea what social media is aside from being a customer of the brand. Anyways, If you’re looking to go into marketing,advertising, entertainment, public relations,producing, broadcasting either in TV or Radio, working with a artist management company then this would be a great degree.
Often times people bash it w/o really knowing what the degree is ( i think the title is misleading – they should name it new media not communications) if youre interest in those fields above … all those jobs require you to have a media/comm degree. Which makes the degree applicable.

Anyways, just because you’re in a band … or like social media doesnt mean anything.
comm focuses on politics,culture,economics, business, media, etc…


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  • October 2, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    Communications is known on every college campus in the USA as the Degree for Dummies.

    Jobs for Communications grads are scarce, but it should be noted that Costco is looking for Food Demonstrators.

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